Who keeps the FBI, The CIA and Homeland Security Safe?

One of the main benefits of self-monitored home security is control: from sensors to sales, you’re in control of your security system.

No Monthly Fees

Monitoring your system yourself means you’re not paying someone else to do it. You don’t have to worry about paying any monthly monitoring fees to your security company.

No Middleman

If a professionally monitored system sounds an alarm, it sends an alert to the monitoring center. The monitoring center calls you to find out if you need help or if you can resolve the alarm on your own. But with a self-monitored system, you cut out the middleman. Your sensors alert you to alarms directly, and you’re able to handle them without the added hassle of dealing with someone from the alarm company call center.

No False Alarm Penalties

If a monitoring center dispatches police or fire crews to your house and it’s a false alarm, you can get hit with a fine. With a self-monitored system, first responders will show up at your home only if you call them, so there’s a lower risk of false alarms.

Easy Portability

With a self-monitored system, there’s no need to call the alarm company to switch your billing address or change contact information. Because many self-monitored systems are also self-installed, they’re also easy to uninstall and take with you to your new home.

Flexible Configuration

As your circumstances change, you may decide your current security system isn’t working for you. With self-monitored home security, it’s simple to upgrade your system or even change alarm systems altogether without changing your monitoring.